About us

After 20 years of experience in agriculture and rural estate management throughout East Anglia I have now chosen to utilise my knowledge and understanding to establish my own practicing business. having specialised in a range of countryside management agreements, my newly established business is designed to aid farmers, estate managers and land owners to meet the stringent criteria of these various management schemes without detracting from their complete land management.

Throughout the winter months we offer a range of services including hedge and tree planting, coppicing and fencing contracts. We can also offer expert advice on applications for grant funding and help with the design of farm environmental plans, bespoke to individual and site specific objectives. Once the planting season is finished we will progress on with fencing and the management and construction of larger environmental landscaping projects.

You will see from our web site outlining our services though our operational remit is far more extensive.

In the meantime should you require any further information relating to the business and how we can work with you please do not hesitate to contact us.